Tumile Inc. Program Basics:
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We are developing a new rewards program for your business.

The platform works based on the dollar amount of each purchase. When you set your program up you will choose a reward percentage to add to your member's account. If you choose 10%, then each time your member makes a purchase, you record the total amount of their purchase for that transaction. The program will automatically calculate the 10% and add that to the memeber's account.

This program allows new members to register with just a screen name and password. No personal information is collected so there is no chance for private information to be exposed. As the administrator of your rewards program you can post special offers and information to your members on their program home page.

You will be able to add and delete employees as needed, providing each employee with an individual password. You will have access to sales and time stamped transaction reports. You can see which members are active and which are not, then be able to delete the members who have not been active for some time. When updating a member's account your employees will sign into the system using a special page not available on the member's device. Your employees will need internet access to update member accounts. Register for your 90 day free trial.

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